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Future Water is an inter-disciplinary research institute at the University of Cape Town (UCT).

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Research in Future Water addresses issues of water scarcity, and is based within an over-arching systems framework supported by strong sociological, technical, environmental, legislative and governance expertise. It is aimed at understanding perspectives, generating new knowledge and seeking innovative solutions to water challenges centred in urban and rural settings and focussed on scarcity in terms of providing for people, industry and the environment. In particular, it addresses South Africa’s development-oriented framework and the need for efficient resource use.

Cross-cutting research is focussed into four thematic areas to address expanding the water resources, water sensitivity, water efficiency, maximising resource productivity, environment, human health and nutrition through the lenses of technological solutions, sociological perspectives and governance.

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Future Water seeks to generate new knowledge and research outputs that influence and underpin new approaches to how water is considered and managed to enable water scarcity to be addressed to meet the broad needs across all constituencies within the South African context. Social equity and poverty alleviation are imperatives. Social acceptance is a key consideration. Work towards an integrated sustainable future with embedded water provision and use is the goal.

Future Water is hosted by the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment at UCT and integrates the research of academics across some ten departments across five faculties.

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