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Pietermaritzburg Anglican Cathedral

WSUD Initiatives: Permeable paving

In Mid-2009 the Diocese of Natal approached Partners in Development (Pty) Ltd in the pursuit of a sustainable upgrade of the Cathedral Centre parking-lot. The Cathedral Centre, located at 169 Langalibalele Street in Pietermaritzburg, has a parking area consisting of asphalt surfacing, grassed and gravel areas, and concrete grass block pavers. A comprehensive status quo of the area by PID revealed that no formal drainage system exists within the Cathedral Centre bounds, which has resulted in sections becoming flooded and mud-covered during rainfall events. The current stormwater network channels roof run-off to a municipal stormwater catchpit adjacent to the parking lot entrance. In their preliminary report, PID state that this catchpit has a 375mm diameter stormwater pipe that transports flow from the Centre, as well as surface runoff from Langalibalele Street

Companies Involved: Partners in Development Consulting Engineers and Project Managers