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Student Research

These are student research projects associated with the various WRC projects on Water Sensitive Design; e.g. K5/2071, K5/2412 and K5/2413.

  1. B.Sc (Eng) Thesis by David Ellis (2013) : South African WSUD Case Studies
  2. B.Sc (Eng) Thesis by William Wu (2012): International WSUD Case Studies

The tables below list 6 month student projects at 4th year level, and selected postgraduate research projects associated with WRC Project K5/2412.

4th year Civil Engineering BScEng student projects at UCT (with links to pdf reports):

Frances A'bear Feasibility study of implementing Water Sensitive Urban Design in Sir Lowry’s Pass Village - pdf 7.83MB
Aumashvini Gobin Evaluating the potential of selected WSUD measures in a generic middle income urban catchment in South Africa - pdf 2.3MB
Alastair Rohrer Cape Town’s ponds - pdf 3.85MB, addendum, pdf 2MB
Caitlin Wale Investigation into the viability of implementing an integrated water management system within a WSUD framework for the proposed Two Rivers Urban Park (TRUP) development in Cape Town - pdf 5.9MB
Tieho Sekonyela Investigating solutions for Cape Town to ensure water security until 2040 - pdf 1.8MB
Lucky Mbengwa Review of Cape Town’s recreational water (‘spray’) parks - pdf 6MB
William van der Byl Evaluation of the filter drain at the MyCiti bus depot - pdf 5.07MB
Lauren Brooks Development of a decision support system to provide direction with Sustainable Drainage Systems selection - pdf 1MB
Anthony Fry Opportunities for using WSUD to reduce the negative impacts of the developing industries in Saldanha Bay Municipality - pdf 1.3MB
Catherine Atkinson Water Sensitive Urban Design case study in East London - pdf 2.8MB
Raadhiya Perin Investigation of current decentralised groundwater usage in the City of Cape Town - pdf 3.7MB

Selected postgraduate research projects associated with WRC Project K5/2412

Name Degree Department / Institution Title of research study
Lloyd Fisher-Jeffes PhD Civil Engineering (UCT) The viability of rainwater and stormwater harvesting in the residential areas of the Liesbeek River catchment, Cape Town
Ben Mauck PhD EGS (UCT) Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) for the management of stormwater on the Cape Flats (Under examination)
Daniel Coulson MSc Civil Engineering (UCT) Quantifying the potential for potable water savings in the Liesbeek River catchment
Monica Giermek MSc EGS (UCT) Analysing peak flow attenuation in an urban wetland
Elizabeth Ward MSc EGS (UCT) Public knowledge and stormwater quality in Cape Town, South Africa: a case study of the Liesbeek River
Annesley Crisp MSc EGS (UCT) Analysing stormwater temperature at site-specific discharge points along the Liesbeek River, South Africa
Alastair Rohrer MSc Civil Engineering (UCT) The viability of using the stormwater ponds on the Diep River in the Constantia Valley for stormwater harvesting
(Awaiting graduation)
Greg Mallett MSc CEM (UCT) An investigation into how value is created through WSUD, using the V&A Waterfront and Century City as Case Studies (Under examination)
Siyamthanda Gxokwe MSc Geohydrology (UWC) Local groundwater flow simulation using site specific conceptual and numerical model, Cape Flats Aquifer, Cape Town, South Africa (Draft under review)
Christoph De Chavonnes Vrugt MA Anthropology (UCT) Amenity function and social perceptions of stormwater ponds (Not yet completed)
Preetya Bhikha MPhil Architecture (UCT) Exploring architectural knowledge in Water Sensitive Design (Draft under review)