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Workshop to define WSUD in South Africa (2012)

On the 10th of May 2012 the UCT Urban Water Management Group and the Water Research Commission will be hosting an expert workshop with the aim of developing a relevant framework for the incorporation of WSUD principles into the planning, design and management of urban areas in South Africa. The Workshop is going to cover the following area’s

  • Presentation by UCT of progress to date on framework and definition of terms
  • General discussion on UCT progress
  • Development of a suitable framework for WSUD including: vision, model, implementation, learning alliances, interlinking with WSDPs and IDPs, the link between IUWM and UD, dealing with policy, tactics.
  • Planning the way forward.

While we cannot invite everyone, nor can everyone attend we do value everyone’s ideas! Therefore we would appreciate your insights! The following articles are useful in developing an idea about the current WSUD Frameworks that are available:

However these frameworks are inappropriate as they are and need to be amended or overhauled, and thus the importance of the workshop!

Finally we are able to make available some of the discussion documents to give you an idea of what the Research Group has been discussing:

Further documents are also available to members of the Supra Learning Alliance (SLA). These documents are however password protected. The SLA can access files these files under the resources tab or by.

Please feel free to comment on what you think we should be considering! We will make sure it forms part of the debate on the 10th May 2012!

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